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Jewel is my 100 pound rescue dog, a mix breed consisting of Rottweiler, Sheppard, and perhaps a bit of Chow. Jewel is a beautiful, happy, and sweet dog; however, she unfortunately suffers from many health issues. When we first met Melanie, Jewel was recovering from spinal surgery that was performed less than 3 weeks before. Jewel could not walk on her back legs and her left leg had no feeling in it whatsoever. Jewel was going to rehab everyday which consisted of acupuncture, electrical stimulation, cold laser, and physical therapy massage just on her back legs. While Jewel was being a trooper through all of this, she still did not seem comfortable enough to get restful sleep - which was important to assist with her recovery from surgery. Then we were fortunate enough to meet Melanie.

Before Jewel's massage began, Melanie patiently listened to all of Jewel's medical history which also includes corrective knee surgery (TPLO) on both knees and severe hip dysplasia in both hips. It was easy to explain all of this considering Melanie is a certified Vet Tech with over 30 years of experience. Then to begin the massage, Melanie and I lifted Jewel onto the very soft and comfortable massage table. Melanie turned off the lights and turned on very soothing music. At first Jewel was uncertain about what was going on, but as Melanie started to rub soothingly, Jewel started to relax. Within 10 minutes Jewel was asleep and more relaxed than I had seen her in weeks! Melanie took her time to ensure each part of Jewel's body was massaged thoroughly, and Melanie proceeded very carefully around Jewel's incision in her back. Jewel let out some significant sighs of relief when Melanie worked out a particularly tight area. I know that Jewel was disappointed when Melanie was finished as she didn't want to wake up and get down off the table. I think Jewel would have let Melanie go on all day!

The night after Melanie's massage, Jewel slept soundly and peacefully. It was the first night that we both got to sleep through the night since I brought her home after surgery. It was wonderful!!! Jewel noticeably moved around better the next day, and her spirits had improved as well. Jewel is walking more and more on her right leg now that some of the "kinks" are out. Her left leg is still lagging a bit, but it has shown improvement and increased feeling after the massage as well. I can't fully express how much this experience really helped with Jewel's healing. Melanie has a wonderful gift, and I can't thank her enough for sharing it with us. Jewel and I cannot wait for the next massage!



My 7 year old male Boston Terrier was recently diagnosed with cervical issues. He could not lie in his favorite position (on his belly, like a frog) while holding a stuffed animal. He could only sleep and find comfort on his side. He was also exhibiting intermittent lameness and lethargy. With only one 50 minute massage, he is able to lie in his favorite position and is very "frisky" and playful! I do not know who is more anxious for the next massage; me or Cole!

~Tonya H.


I have a Golden Retriever that is one year old and continues to lack confidence, is easily frustrated, and is a very reactive dog. We attended a puppy starter class and graduated, and currently still attend training. Due to Cooper's behavior, and my Veterinarian not wanting to put him on medication, it was suggested that I might speak with Ms Melanie of Serenity Pet Massage. I was very skeptical but definitely at the end of my rope. After Cooper's third session with Ms Melanie, we began to notice signs of improvement. He is more receptive to petting and love from his family and others. He seems more relaxed and an overall happier dog. We are very grateful for Serenity Pet Massage and Ms Melanie.

~Paula R.

Melanie Hampton, RVT, CESMT, CCMT, HTA® and Reiki Practitioner

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