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Melanie Hampton, RVT, CESMT, CCMT, HTA® and Reiki Practitioner

Telephone: (919) 436-3306

Mission Statement

My vision, as the owner of Serenity Pet Massage, is to utilize my knowledge, experience and skills to be your ongoing partner in the health and well being of your best friend.

To act with integrity, professionalism and compassion toward each individual pet and their guardian.

Foster ongoing coordination with my clients' other pet services to enhance total pet care.

Serenity Pet Massage is mobile, serving North Carolina's Triangle area. I drive to your house and provide massage for your best friend in the comfort and familiarity of your home or barn.

~ Helping pets live healthy, happy lives! ~

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Healing Touch for Animals®...

Melanie is now an HTA® Advanced Proficiency Practitioner.
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Did you know...

Dogs and cats commonly exhibit anxiety and fearful behaviors that often manifest as
separation anxiety, storm and noise phobias, or aggression.

A short-term stress response is healthy because the animal is alert and ready to take
action, such as retreating from a stranger. However, prolonged stress, such as
season-long storm phobias, can result in physical and emotional pathologic conditions
and potentially shorten the patient's lifespan.

Chronic stress may manifest itself as immunosuppression that can lead to recurring
infections, or altered blood flow that may lead to problems such as gastric ulcers.

This article has been adapted from Canine Anxiety, published in the November 2013 issue of
Clinician's Brief.

So often we don't think about the effects that stress and anxiety can have on ourselves let
alone our companions! Massage, which is soothing and calming, can be a great
modality to help our companions relax; which can lead to a reduction in stress and the
detrimental health effects involved. Consider treating your beloved companion to a
massage session and experience the positive benefits that massage offers.

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